Important Letter to Homeowners of the Conestoga Subdivision

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July 22,2022 

TO: Homeowners of the Conestoga Subdivision: 

It has come to my attention that a great deal of confusion has taken place due to a blast email and letter sent out by the Metro District, which includes a proclamation signed by the mayor. 

When the Conestoga subdivision was approved by the Town of Ault, the approval required a dual water system for each property, with the outside irrigation needs being served by untreated agricultural water (non-potable water). These requirements were written into the covenants for the development and the development agreement itself was recorded over the entire subdivision to give every buyer notice of these requirements. The water dedications to the Town were also based on this requirement, and the requirement was included in the property disclosures for all Conestoga lots when purchased. 

Connection to the non-potable system is required of all properties in the Conestoga Subdivision, unless a particular 
property owner wishes to purchase the additional raw water required for a full potable tap. (This would be .5 acre feet of CBT water, approximately $35,000 at current market rates). If that is an option that you desire to explore, please contact the Town staff. However, you may not connect the potable water system to the irrigation system in your yard, as this creates a cross-connection of the two systems which violates municipal ordinances and state law. 

The Town also wanted to advise you of the schedule for watering with the non-potable system. The system goes on line early May, subject to good weather. All even numbered houses are able to water on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. Odd numbered houses are able to water on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. No watering will be allowed between ten o'clock a.m. (10:00 am) and five o'clock p.m. (5:00 p.m.), which are the watering hours recommendation for the rest of the Town. Special variances for daily watering can be arranged for establishing new lawns and landscaping. The bill for the non-potable water will be included with your regular municipal water bill, and both may be paid in a single payment to the Town. 

The Town has been made aware that homeowners do have spigots on their homes. These spigots may still be used for washing your car, filling your child's summer pool, etc. Potable water may not be used for irrigation for any reason. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Town Hall or attend a Town Board Meeting. 


Gary White, Jr.

If you cannot read the preview below, click the link above to read the letter from the Mayor.

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