UnitedHealthcare UCard Payments for Utility Bills

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Some of our customers have received UCards from UnitedHealthcare, which is the new Medicare member ID card and gives access for many more benefits. On their website, one benefit listed for the UCard is to have the ability to pay eligible utilities. We have contacted United Healthcare for instructions on how you can use this benefit.

The UnitedHealthcare UCard cannot be used in the following ways:

  • Cannot be swiped or entered in the office
  • Cannot be used in our phone payment system or online payment program

To gain access to your United Healthcare benefit of paying utilities, you must register for the UCard Hub website or mobile app:

Please then visit https://myuhc.com/communityplan to make a payment.

Payments made for utilities using your UCard benefits may take several business days to be received by the Town of Ault. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to receive a payment made using UCard benefits.

For more instruction and information on your United Healthcare UCard benefits, we encourage you to contact them directly at 1-800-607-2877. Town of Ault staff are unable to use the UCard to process a payment for your utility account in the office, by phone, or on our website.

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