Marijuana Licensing Selection Committee Factors

a. Whether the application is for a location already licensed by the state and serving as a retail marijuana store outside the town and proposed to be annexed into the town, which factor shall be weighted heavily;

b. The applicant's experience operating a licensed marijuana business in Colorado, including compliance with state and local laws, or violations thereof;

c. The degree of moral character of the applicant and the applicant's principal officers, directors, controlling beneficial owners, managers and employees;

Build Permit Codes

Current Codes Adopted

  • International Building Code – 2018
  • International Residential Code – 2018
  • International Energy Conservation Code – 2018
  • International Fuel Gas Code – 2018
  • International/Uniform Plumbing Code – 2012
  • International/Uniform Mechanical Code – 2018
  • National Electric Code – 2020